B&B in the Outer Hebrides

Hebridean Guest House, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis

Hebridean Guest House    Stornoway, Isle of Lewis

The Hebridean Guest House is situated in Stornoway overlooking the Castle Grounds and Golf Course. The Guest House is located within five minutes of the ferry terminal.and is within easy reach of Stornoway Airport. For guests with their own transport.the Guest House has parking right outside..Built at the turn of the 19th century the Hebridean Guest House has been developed into a modern.comfortable Guest House which has very recently been completely upgraded.

Sandwick Bay Guest House, Stornoway, Isle of Lewis
Wifi / broadband

Sandwick Bay Guest House    Stornoway, Isle of Lewis

Located on the shoreline of sandwick bay the property offers stunning unrestricted sea views.Ample private free offroad parking and motorcyclists and cyclists welcome.The property has recently been extensively upgraded to offer you an unforgettable experience.Each room has lcd tv and tea/coffee making facilities.The en suites are all finished in marble.The sea facing upstairs bedrooms are floored in natural oak.we also offer free wi-fi internet. The Balcony room has its own personal sea facing balcony with wonderful sea views.

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