Banff and Buchan

Banff and Buchan

Banff and Buchan are the northermost parts of Aberdeenshire. This section coversthe Aberdeenshire coast from the Moray border right around the Aberdeenshire coast as far south as Cruden Bay.

The old county town of Banff has scores of fascinating old buildings but it is only one of the beautiful coastal towns and villages in this region. To the west Portsoy has two harbours, one dating from the seventeenth century, and is the home of the Scottish Small Boats Festival. Heading east are the celebrated former fishing villages of Gardenstown, Crovie and Pennan (click for our picks), the latter immortalised in the classic film Local Hero. The larger, working towns of Fraserburgh and Peterhead are blessed by their close proximity to majestic sandy beaches, culminating in the huge stretch of sand and dunes around Rattray Head.


FEATURE: Gardenstown, Crovie and Pennan

FEATURE: Gardenstown, Crovie and Pennan

On the remote northern coast of Aberdeenshire, looking out over the Moray Firth, lie three of Scotlandís most picturesque villages: Gardenstown, Crovie and Pennan.

Gardenstown (locally known as the Gamrie) is much the largest of the three. A steep, steep road leads down through the modern part of the village to the harbour and the packed jumble of cottages which make up the old fishertown...

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