Campsies, Kilpatricks and Gargunnock Hills

Campsies, Kilpatricks and Gargunnock Hills

The Campsie Fells are a range of volcanic hills set to the north of Glasgow and have long provided a perfect escape for folk from the city. Largely gentle and rolling, the hills nevertheless have some fine rocky escarpments, and their western outlier Dumgoyne has a fine outline that has made it a familiar landmark. West of the Campsies are the lower Kilpatrick Hills - with the spectacular Whangie rock formation; to the east the fells merge with the Kilsyth Hills whilst north lie the less visited Gargunnock Hills. All provide worthwhile hillwalking within easy reach.

Though the influence of man is always evident, the area has great variety - with farmland, open moors, steep-flanked glens, attractive woodland and sparkling burns.


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Walking can be dangerous and all walkers must take personal responsibility for their own safety. You should always carry a backup means of navigation and not rely on a single phone, app or map. Walkhighlands strives to provide accurate information but cannot accept responsibility for changes, errors or omissions.