Welcoming back visitors to the Cairngorms – the National Park’s view

Across Scotland, preparations are being made for the potential reopening of countrywide travel and recreation from July 15th. We asked Grant Moir, CEO of the Cairngorms National Park, how his area is getting ready to welcome visitors back. I suspect, like me, you have missed heading out to the mountains for a long day or visiting your favourite Cairngorm spot with your family. More than that, visitors are the lifeblood of the Cairngorms National Park economy. The coming weeks will hopefully see the reopening of the countryside and we need to try and ensure that this is done safely for

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Conservation in the 21st Century

The chief executive of the Cairngorms National Park Authority Grant Moir ponders changing approaches to conservation and wonders whether we are at a pivotal moment in the history of the movement.

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