The Swiss Cheese

A thoughtful reflection on lessons learnt from accidents during the winter of 2018 by Mountaineering Scotland’s Mountain Safety Adviser Heather Morning. There is no doubt that this winter has been memorable. Extensive snow cover, combined with low temperatures has provided us all with an exceptional winter playground. Whether it’s hill walking, mountaineering, ski touring or climbing the opportunities have been endless. And there has been no shortage of us getting out there ‘doing our thing’ enjoying the great conditions. Social media and the outdoor press have been awash with inspiring adventures and stunning photography. I guess it’s always going to

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Keeping in touch – Personal Locator beacons in the mountains

Heather Morning – Mountain Safety Adviser at the Mountaineering Council of Scotland – outlines the role of Personal Locator Beacons and similar products in mountain safety Mountaineering news this winter has been dominated by two massive searches for people who went missing on Ben Nevis and in the Cairngorms. These searches, involving hundreds of man-hours in searching huge areas of rough and mountainous terrain, have highlighted the importance of letting people know where you are going in the mountains – especially when travelling alone. But it’s not always possible, and sometimes plans have to change. One solution increasingly being taken

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