Da Sneug - Da Easy Way, Foula

This unique walk is the easiest route to the highest summit on Foula - one of our most remote inhabited islands. Da Sneug is bare and windswept, but the climb up the sculpted ridge to the top reveals superb views over the whole island. Perhaps equally memorable will be the Great Skuas; known locally as Bonxies, these huge pirates of the seas feed largely by stealing from other birds. They nest in huge numbers here, and during the nesting season dive-bomb any walkers who come near; at such times it is well worth holding a stick or walking pole above your head to help fend them off.


Open hill ridge with grass and mosses. In good conditions this is a straightforward hillwalk, although there is no path or markings; in poor conditions it is exceptionally exposed to the wind.

Public Transport

Foula is served by both air and ferry links from mainland Shetland. Only the air service allows a day visit if not planning to stay on the island overnight, with varying amounts of time between flights on different days. Advance booking is needed as the flights are often full.


Foula airstrip. Open start point in Google Maps for directions.

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