South Mainland and Mousa

South Mainland and Mousa

The southern part of Mainland extends for some 34km from Lerwick, but is only around 6km or so wide. It is absolutely packed with interest, including many of Shetland's most famous sights and attractions. There is the lighthouse, puffins and other seabirds at the RSPB reserve at Sumburgh Head, the unmissable archaeological site uncovering thousands of years of history at Jarlshof, and the unrivalled perfection of the double sand beach tombolo that links Mainland to St Ninian's Isle. But beyond these there are hidden delights too - such as the towering cliffs falling from the moorland of Fitful Head, the many delightful headlands and promontories to explore on the east coast, or the iron age blockhouse at Burgi Ness - and a whole host of other brochs.

Off the east coast across a Sound often visited by orca is the island of Mousa - another RSPB nature reserve - but best known for its remarkable broch, the best preserved in existence.


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