The Donalds A to Z

The table below lists the Donalds in alphabetical order. Click on the name of any of the hills to visit its page.

1AlhangGalloway and Dumfries642m
2Andrewhinney HillBorders677m
3Ballencleuch LawGlasgow, Ayrshire and Lanark689m
4Beinn nan EunPerthshire631m
5Bell CraigBorders623m
6Ben CleuchFife, Stirling721m
7Birkscairn HillBorders661m
8Black LawBorders698m
9Blackcraig HillGlasgow, Ayrshire and Lanark700m
10Blackhope ScarBorders651m
11Blacklorg HillGlasgow, Ayrshire and Lanark681m
12Blairdenon HillFife, Stirling631m
13Bodesbeck LawBorders665m
14Bowbeat HillBorders626m
15Broad LawBorders840m
16CairnsgarrochGalloway and Dumfries659m
17Cairnsmore of CarsphairnGalloway and Dumfries797m
18Cairnsmore of FleetGalloway and Dumfries711m
19Cape LawGalloway and Dumfries722m
20Capel FellBorders678m
21Carlin's CairnGalloway and Dumfries807m
22Cauldcleuch HeadBorders619m
23Chapelgill HillBorders696m
24Comb LawGlasgow, Ayrshire and Lanark645m
25Coran of PortmarkGalloway and Dumfries623m
26CorserineGalloway and Dumfries814m
27CraignawGalloway and Dumfries645m
28Cramalt CraigBorders831m
29Croft HeadGalloway and Dumfries637m
30Culter FellBorders748m
31CurleyweeGalloway and Dumfries674m
32Dollar LawBorders817m
33Drumelzier LawBorders668m
34Dun LawGlasgow, Ayrshire and Lanark677m
35Dun RigBorders744m
37Dungeon HillGalloway and Dumfries620m
38Earncraig HillGalloway and Dumfries611m
39East Mount LowtherGalloway and Dumfries631m
40Erie Hill Borders690m
41Ettrick PenBorders692m
42Gana HillGalloway and Dumfries668m
43Garelet DodBorders698m
44Gathersnow HillBorders688m
45Glenrath HeightsBorders732m
46Green LowtherGalloway and Dumfries732m
47Greenside LawBorders643m
48Hart FellGalloway and Dumfries808m
49Herman LawBorders614m
50Hillshaw HeadBorders652m
51HudderstoneGlasgow, Ayrshire and Lanark626m
52InnerdownieFife, Stirling611m
53King's Seat HillFife, Stirling648m
54Kirriereoch HillGalloway and Dumfries786m
55Lamachan HillGalloway and Dumfries717m
56Larg HillGalloway and Dumfries676m
57Loch FellGalloway and Dumfries688m
58Lochcraig Head Galloway and Dumfries801m
59Lousie Wood LawGlasgow, Ayrshire and Lanark619m
60Lowther HillGalloway and Dumfries725m
61MeaulGalloway and Dumfries695m
62Meikle MillyeaGalloway and Dumfries746m
63MerrickGalloway and Dumfries843m
64Middle HillBorders716m
65MilldownGalloway and Dumfries738m
66MillforeGalloway and Dumfries657m
67Molls Cleuch DodGalloway and Dumfries785m
68Moorbrock HillGalloway and Dumfries650m
69MullwharcharGalloway and Dumfries692m
70Pykestone HillBorders737m
71QueensberryGalloway and Dumfries697m
72Scaw'd LawGalloway and Dumfries663m
73Shalloch on MinnochGalloway and Dumfries768m
74Stob LawBorders676m
75Swatte FellGalloway and Dumfries728m
76Talla Cleuch HeadBorders691m
77TarfessockGalloway and Dumfries697m
78Tarmangie HillFife, Stirling645m
79TintoGlasgow, Ayrshire and Lanark711m
80Uamh BheagPerthshire664m
81Under Saddle YokeGalloway and Dumfries745m
82Wedder LawGalloway and Dumfries672m
83White CoombGalloway and Dumfries821m
84Whitehope HeightsGalloway and Dumfries636m
85Whitehope LawBorders623m
86Wind FellBorders665m
87Windlestraw LawBorders659m
88Windy GyleBorders619m
89Windy StandardGalloway and Dumfries698m