Paving Paradise

David Lintern visits the site of a proposed housing development in the Cairngorms National Park. In August this year, the Cairngorm National Park Authority approved ‘in principle’ plans for up to 1500 houses and associated infrastructure near Aviemore. It’s a

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Shooting the Breeze – Nick Hanson Interview

Nick Hanson is the current holder of the Scottish Landscape Photographer of the Year Award. David Lintern finds out more. Tell us a little about yourself – where’s home, is photography your full time job, and so on? I am

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The numbers game – a grouse moor primer for hillwalkers

With the grouse shooting season underway, David Lintern takes a look at the controversies surrounding the intensive management of grouse moors. About a week ago, on August 12th, the grouse season shooting started. Aside from the odd news piece and

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Hill skills and Camp Craft – Being prepared

David Lintern looks at 5 ways to be better prepared in the hills. There’s something to be said for thinking about how much we’re hauling up those hills, on our backs, bellies or feet. The phrase ultralight may come and

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Campcraft and hill skills – open fires

As we move into peak walking and camping season, I wanted to spend some time on what seems to be a controversial subject; camp fires. There’s a huge range of attitudes towards when, where and why it’s acceptable to make

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Shooting the Breeze – Eve Russell interview

David Lintern catches up with a wildlife photographer and graphic artist living and working in the north. Where are you based and why? I live on the Black Isle, just North of Inverness, with stunning views of the Fyrish monument

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