Watching otters in Scotland

An encounter with an otter in the wild is a magical experience. Helen Webster takes a look at the best places to spot otters, how to boost your chances of a sighting, and tips to avoid disturbing these amazing creatures.

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Monarch or Menace?

Scotland’s largest land mammal is also one of its most contentious. Photographer and Director of SCOTLAND: The Big Picture, Peter Cairns, explores the ecological and cultural divide over the Monarch of the Glen.

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Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year winners announced

A summer spent focusing on a single subject has secured the title of Scottish Nature Photographer of the Year 2018 for Edinburgh photographer Phil Johnston. Phil’s winning image Roe Kid Flower was captured during the summer of 2018 while he

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Mountain hare book scoops Nature Photography award

A debut book exploring The Secret Life of the Mountain Hare has gained public appreciation in an online vote to find the Favourite Scottish Nature Photography Book of 2018. It is the work of photographer Andy Howard, a leading expert on

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Mother Earth

Clam shell, Dunvegan, Isle of Skye

Karen turns her photographer’s eye to the ground to capture the small-scale details in the landscape.

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Review: The Secret Life of the Mountain Hare

Out of all the creatures with which we share Scotland’s hills, for me there are none that can match the charm of the mountain hare. Whilst on most encounters we walkers only manage to get a fleeting glimpse of their

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