The Grahams - Gaelic pronunciation

The table below lists the Grahams in alphabetical order, with pronunciation recordings of a native Gaelic speaker. Hills you have climbed are marked green. Click on the name of any of the mountains to visit its page.

An CruachanListen to pronunciationLoch Ness
An Ruadh-mheallanListen to pronunciationTorridon
An StacListen to pronunciationFort William
Andrewhinney HillListen to pronunciationBorders
Aodann ChleireigListen to pronunciationFort William
Badandun HillListen to pronunciationAngus
Ballencleuch LawListen to pronunciationDumfries, Galloway
Beinn a'Chaisgein BeagListen to pronunciationTorridon
Beinn a'ChaolaisListen to pronunciationIslands - Jura
Beinn a'ChapuillListen to pronunciationKintail
Beinn a'ChearcaillListen to pronunciationTorridon
Beinn a'ChlachainListen to pronunciationTorridon
Beinn a'MhanaichListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Beinn a'MheadhoinListen to pronunciationLoch Ness
Beinn a'MhuinidhListen to pronunciationTorridon
Beinn an EoinListen to pronunciationUllapool
Beinn BhalgaireanListen to pronunciationArgyll
Beinn BharrainListen to pronunciationIslands - Arran
Beinn Bheag (Ardgour)Listen to pronunciationFort William
Beinn Bheag (Cowal)Listen to pronunciationArgyll
Beinn Bheag (Letterewe Forest)Listen to pronunciationTorridon
Beinn Bhreac (Loch Creran)Listen to pronunciationArgyll
Beinn Bhreac (Loch Lomond)Listen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Beinn ChaorachListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Beinn ClachachListen to pronunciationKintail
Beinn DamhainListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Beinn DeargListen to pronunciationPerthshire
Beinn Dearg Mhor (Broadford)Listen to pronunciationIslands - Skye
Beinn Dearg Mhor (Sligachan)Listen to pronunciationIslands - Skye
Beinn DhorainListen to pronunciationSutherland
Beinn DireachListen to pronunciationSutherland
Beinn DonachainListen to pronunciationArgyll
Beinn DubhListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Beinn EichListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Beinn FhadaListen to pronunciationIslands - Mull
Beinn GaireListen to pronunciationFort William
Beinn GhobhlachListen to pronunciationUllapool
Beinn LochainListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Beinn Mheadhoin (Morvern)Listen to pronunciationFort William
Beinn Mheadhoin (Strathconon)Listen to pronunciationLoch Ness
Beinn MheadhonachListen to pronunciationArgyll
Beinn Mhor (Cowal)Listen to pronunciationArgyll
Beinn Mhor (Uist)Listen to pronunciationOuter Hebrides
Beinn MolurgainnListen to pronunciationArgyll
Beinn na Caillich (Broadford)Listen to pronunciationIslands - Skye
Beinn na Caillich (Kylerhea)Listen to pronunciationIslands - Skye
Beinn na CilleListen to pronunciationFort William
Beinn na CloicheListen to pronunciationFort William
Beinn na FeusaigeListen to pronunciationTorridon
Beinn na GainimhListen to pronunciationPerthshire
Beinn na GucaigListen to pronunciationFort William
Beinn na h-EaglaiseListen to pronunciationTorridon
Beinn na MuiceListen to pronunciationLoch Ness
Beinn na SroineListen to pronunciationArgyll
Beinn nan EunListen to pronunciationUllapool
Beinn nan LusListen to pronunciationArgyll
Beinn nan RamhListen to pronunciationTorridon
Beinn RuadhListen to pronunciationArgyll
Beinn ShiantaidhListen to pronunciationIslands - Jura
Beinn SuidheListen to pronunciationArgyll
Beinn TalaidhListen to pronunciationIslands - Mull
Beinn Tharsuinn (Ardross)Listen to pronunciationUllapool
Beinn Tharsuinn (Deanich)Listen to pronunciationUllapool
BeligListen to pronunciationIslands - Skye
Ben ArmineListen to pronunciationSutherland
Ben BuieListen to pronunciationIslands - Mull
Ben CleuchListen to pronunciationFife, Stirling
Ben Mor CoigachListen to pronunciationUllapool
Ben StackListen to pronunciationSutherland
Ben VenueListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Binnein ShiosListen to pronunciationFort William
Binnein ShuasListen to pronunciationFort William
Biod an FhithichListen to pronunciationKintail
Blackcraig HillListen to pronunciationGlasgow, Ayrshire, Lanark
Blackhope ScarListen to pronunciationBorders
Blath BhalgListen to pronunciationPerthshire
Cairnsmore of FleetListen to pronunciationDumfries, Galloway
Capel FellListen to pronunciationBorders
Carn a'ChaochainListen to pronunciationLoch Ness
Carn a'Choin DeirgListen to pronunciationUllapool
Carn a'Ghille ChearrListen to pronunciationCairngorms
Carn an TionailListen to pronunciationSutherland
Carn BreacListen to pronunciationTorridon
Carn Glas-choireListen to pronunciationCairngorms
Carn GormListen to pronunciationLoch Ness
Carn Loch nan AmhaicheanListen to pronunciationUllapool
Carn Mhic an ToisichListen to pronunciationLoch Ness
Carn na BreabaigListen to pronunciationKintail
Carn na CoinnichListen to pronunciationLoch Ness
Carn na h-EasgainnListen to pronunciationLoch Ness
Carn nan Tri-tighearnanListen to pronunciationCairngorms
Carn SalachaidhListen to pronunciationUllapool
Carnan CruithneachdListen to pronunciationKintail
Cat LawListen to pronunciationAngus
Cauldcleuch HeadListen to pronunciationBorders
Cnap Chaochan AitinnListen to pronunciationCairngorms
Cnap CruinnListen to pronunciationFort William
Cook's CairnListen to pronunciationCairngorms
Corra-bheinnListen to pronunciationIslands - Mull
CraignawListen to pronunciationDumfries, Galloway
Creach BeinnListen to pronunciationIslands - Mull
Creag a'MhadaidhListen to pronunciationPerthshire
Creag BhalgListen to pronunciationCairngorms
Creag Dhubh (Glen Spean)Listen to pronunciationFort William
Creag Dhubh (Newtonmore)Listen to pronunciationCairngorms
Creag Dhubh MhorListen to pronunciationTorridon
Creag EachListen to pronunciationPerthshire
Creag GharbhListen to pronunciationPerthshire
Creag GhuanachListen to pronunciationFort William
Creag LiathListen to pronunciationCairngorms
Creag Mhor (Balquhidder)Listen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Creag Mhor (Sutherland)Listen to pronunciationSutherland
Creag RuadhListen to pronunciationPerthshire
Creag Ruadh (Dalwhinnie)Listen to pronunciationCairngorms
Creag Ruadh (Kinloch Laggan)Listen to pronunciationCairngorms
Creag TharsuinnListen to pronunciationArgyll
Creagan a'ChaiseListen to pronunciationCairngorms
Croft HeadListen to pronunciationBorders
Croit BheinnListen to pronunciationFort William
Cruach an t-SidheinListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Cruach ChoireadailListen to pronunciationIslands - Mull
Cruach nam MultListen to pronunciationArgyll
Cruach nan CapullListen to pronunciationArgyll
Cruinn a'BheinnListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Culter FellListen to pronunciationBorders
Doune HillListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Druim Fada (Corpach)Listen to pronunciationFort William
Druim Fada (Loch Hourn)Listen to pronunciationKintail
Druim na SgriodainListen to pronunciationFort William
Dun RigListen to pronunciationBorders
Ettrick PenListen to pronunciationBorders
FiarachListen to pronunciationArgyll
Gathersnow HillListen to pronunciationBorders
Geallaig HillListen to pronunciationCairngorms
Glas Bheinn (Kinlocheil)Listen to pronunciationFort William
Glas Bheinn (Loch Arkaig)Listen to pronunciationFort William
Glas-bheinn MhorListen to pronunciationLoch Ness
Glas-charnListen to pronunciationFort William
Green LowtherListen to pronunciationDumfries, Galloway
GrobanListen to pronunciationTorridon
HartavalListen to pronunciationIslands - Skye
Hill of WirrenListen to pronunciationAngus
Hunt HillListen to pronunciationAngus
Lamachan HillListen to pronunciationDumfries, Galloway
Leana Mhor (Glen Roy East)Listen to pronunciationFort William
Leana Mhor (Glen Roy West)Listen to pronunciationFort William
MarscoListen to pronunciationIslands - Skye
Meall a'Chaorainn (Achnasheen)Listen to pronunciationTorridon
Meall a'Chaorainn (Easter Ross)Listen to pronunciationUllapool
Meall a'ChrathaichListen to pronunciationLoch Ness
Meall a'MhuicListen to pronunciationPerthshire
Meall an Fheur LochListen to pronunciationSutherland
Meall BlairListen to pronunciationFort William
Meall BuidheListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Meall DeargListen to pronunciationPerthshire
Meall Doire FaidListen to pronunciationUllapool
Meall DubhListen to pronunciationUllapool
Meall Fuar-mhonaidhListen to pronunciationLoch Ness
Meall GarbhListen to pronunciationArgyll
Meall MheinnidhListen to pronunciationTorridon
Meall Mor (Easter Ross)Listen to pronunciationUllapool
Meall Mor (Glencoe)Listen to pronunciationFort William
Meall Mor (Loch Katrine)Listen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Meall na FaochaigListen to pronunciationLoch Ness
Meall nan CaorachListen to pronunciationPerthshire
Meall nan DamhListen to pronunciationFort William
Meall nan EaganListen to pronunciationCairngorms
Meall nan EunListen to pronunciationFort William
Meall nan GabharListen to pronunciationArgyll
Meall OdharListen to pronunciationArgyll
Meall OnfhaidhListen to pronunciationFort William
Meall ReamharListen to pronunciationPerthshire
Meall TairbhListen to pronunciationArgyll
Meallan a'ChuailListen to pronunciationSutherland
Mealna Letter or Duchray HillListen to pronunciationAngus
Meith BheinnListen to pronunciationFort William
MillforeListen to pronunciationDumfries, Galloway
Mona GowanListen to pronunciationCairngorms
Mor BheinnListen to pronunciationPerthshire
MorvenListen to pronunciationSutherland
Mount BlairListen to pronunciationAngus
Mullach Coire nan Geur-oireanListen to pronunciationFort William
MullwharcharListen to pronunciationDumfries, Galloway
OireabhalListen to pronunciationOuter Hebrides
Pap of GlencoeListen to pronunciationFort William
PressendyeListen to pronunciationAberdeenshire
QueensberryListen to pronunciationDumfries, Galloway
Sabhal BeagListen to pronunciationSutherland
ScarabenListen to pronunciationSutherland
Sgiath a'ChaiseListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Sgorr a'ChoiseListen to pronunciationFort William
Sgorr Mhic EacharnaListen to pronunciationFort William
Sgurr a'ChaorainnListen to pronunciationFort William
Sgurr a'GharaidhListen to pronunciationTorridon
Sgurr an FhidhleirListen to pronunciationUllapool
Sgurr ChoinichListen to pronunciationFort William
Sgurr DeargListen to pronunciationIslands - Mull
Sgurr na CoinnichListen to pronunciationIslands - Skye
Sgurr nan CnamhListen to pronunciationFort William
Shee of ArdtalnaigListen to pronunciationPerthshire
Slat BheinnListen to pronunciationFort William
Stac PollaidhListen to pronunciationUllapool
Stob an EasListen to pronunciationArgyll
Stob BreacListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Stob Mhic BheathainListen to pronunciationFort William
Stob na CruaicheListen to pronunciationFort William
SuilvenListen to pronunciationUllapool
The BuckListen to pronunciationAberdeenshire
The StobListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
The StorrListen to pronunciationIslands - Skye
TintoListen to pronunciationGlasgow, Ayrshire, Lanark
Tiorga MorListen to pronunciationOuter Hebrides
Tom MeadhoinListen to pronunciationFort William
TrallvalListen to pronunciationIslands - Rum
Tullich HillListen to pronunciationLoch Lomond
Uamh BheagListen to pronunciationPerthshire
Uisgneabhal MorListen to pronunciationOuter Hebrides
Windlestraw LawListen to pronunciationBorders
Windy StandardListen to pronunciationDumfries, Galloway