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The Longest, the Loveliest and the Loneliest

Cameron McNeish’s new book, Come by the Hills, is published later this month, following on from the success of his memoir, There’s Always the Hills . In this extract, Cameron delves into the history and legends of one of Scotland’s

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To Know Being, the Final Grace

Cameron McNeish examines the lessons he has learned from Nan Shepherd’s writings NAN SHEPHERD, the woman-on-the-five-pound-note, was a reasonably successful novelist and poet but her work as a ‘geopoet’, if I may use such a term, has been widely acclaimed by literature

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No Permits planned for Ben Nevis

I really should have known better. A journalist of my acquaintance rang me to say he’d been chatting to the John Muir Trust about Ben Nevis. Clearly on the scent of a story he told me that 160,000 people had

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The Long Walk-in

How often has that thought crossed your mind? If only circumstances had been a little different anything could have happened. Couldn’t it?

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I Know Where I’m Going – but does anyone else?

Cameron McNeish urges hillwalkers to let someone know where they’re going, but don’t leave route notes on your car windscreen.

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Hill tracks – why is the SNP Government blocking progress?

POLITICS is a strange business. Much of it is carried out in committee rooms where elected representatives of the people make decisions on subjects they often know very little about. About four years ago Helen Todd of Scottish Environment Link

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