The Cape Wrath Trail

The Cape Wrath Trail is a long distance walk from Fort William to the northwesternmost point of mainland Britain, Cape Wrath. The route is unmarked and there is no official line. It is a superb route for very experienced long-distance backpackers, passing through magnificent wild landscapes for most of the route, with the freedom to choose your own exact route; we cover both the common variations starting via Glenfinnan and via the Great Glen.

Welcome to the Walkhighlands' guide to the Cape Wrath Trail; we have a detailed description and Ordnance Survey mapping covering every stage of the route, accessed via clicking on the stages below. You can also check out the excellent trip reports below for further photos and personal experiences from the trail.

Glenfinnan Variant Length Time Done
Fort William to Glenfinnan 35km 8-10 hours
Glenfinnan to A'Chuil 19km 5-6.5 hours
A'Chuil - Barrisdale Bay 25km 7-9 hours
Barrisdale Bay - Morvich 33km 9-11 hours
Great Glen Variant Length Time Done
Fort William to Gairlochy 17km 4-4.5 hours
Gairlochy to Mandally 25km 6-7 hours
Mandally to Poulary 19.5km 4-4.5 hours
Poulary to Cluanie 17.5km 5-6 hours
Cluanie to Morvich 26km 6.5-7 hours
Combined onward route Length Time
Morvich to Maol Bhuidhe 22.5km 6.5-7 hours
Maol Bhuidhe to Craig 24.25km 6.5-7 hours
Craig to Kinlochewe 16.5km 4-5 hours
Kinlochewe to Shenavall 28.25km 7-8 hours
Shenavall to Inverlael 18.75km 4-5 hours
Inverlael to Oykel Bridge 34.5km 8-11 hours
Oykel Bridge to Inchnadamph 31.5km 8-11 hours
Inchnadamph to Kylestrome 27.5km 10-11 hours
Kylestrome to Rhiconich 29km 9-10 hours
Rhiconich to Sandwood Bay 19km 4.5-5 hours
Sandwood Bay to Cape Wrath 12.5km 3.5-4.5 hours


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The trail is completely unmarked and passes through extremely wild and rugged terrain, far from services and facilities for much of the distance. Although many sections follow paths and tracks, there are also some sections which are pathless and a high degree of navigational skill is required. Walkers need to be self-sufficient and to carry food needed between resupply points. There are also several unbridged river crossings which can become dangerous or even impossible in spate conditions.

The route has the reputation of being Britain's toughest long distance walk. Much of the route is shared with the new Scottish National Trail which starts at Kirk Yetholm near the English Border.


Details of accommodation and services along the way is included in the description of each stage.


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The start of the trail is in Fort William, which is easily reached either by train or city link bus. The end of the trail is remote Cape Wrath, linked by a seasonal tourist bus and ferry to near Durness. The Durness bus can provide onward transport.

Users' walk reports for the Cape Wrath Trail

There are 353 Walkhighlanders who have completed the Cape Wrath Trail. To record if you have completed the route, you must register and be logged in. Our users have contributed 63 public walk reports for the route. These are ordered below with the most popular ones first.

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