Corbetts - Gaelic Pronunciation

The table below lists the Corbetts, together with recordings of their pronunciation given by a native Gaelic speaker. Hills you have climbed are marked green. Click on the name of any of the mountains to visit its page.

AinshvalHear pronunciationIsle of Rum
Am BathachHear pronunciationKintail
An DùnHear pronunciationPerthshire
An Ruadh-stacHear pronunciationTorridon
An SìdheanHear pronunciationLoch Ness
An StacHear pronunciationFort William
Aonach BuidheHear pronunciationKintail
Aonach ShasuinnHear pronunciationLoch Ness
ArkleHear pronunciationSutherland
AskivalHear pronunciationIsle of Rum
Auchnafree HillHear pronunciationPerthshire
Bac an EichHear pronunciationLoch Ness
BaosbheinnHear pronunciationTorridon
Beinn a' Bha'ach ArdHear pronunciationLoch Ness
Beinn a' BhuiridhHear pronunciationArgyll
Beinn a' Chaisgein MòrHear pronunciationTorridon
Beinn a' Chaisteil (Auch)Hear pronunciationArgyll
Beinn a' Chaisteil (Strath Vaich)Hear pronunciationUllapool
Beinn a' ChlaidheimhHear pronunciationUllapool
Beinn a' ChoinHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Beinn a' ChrùlaisteHear pronunciationFort William
Beinn a' ChuallaichHear pronunciationPerthshire
Beinn Airigh CharrHear pronunciationTorridon
Beinn an EoinHear pronunciationTorridon
Beinn an LochainHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Beinn an ÒirHear pronunciationIslay, Jura and Colonsay
Beinn BhanHear pronunciationTorridon
Beinn Bhan (Great Glen)Hear pronunciationFort William
Beinn BheulaHear pronunciationArgyll
Beinn BhreacHear pronunciationCairngorms
Beinn Bhreac-liathHear pronunciationArgyll
Beinn BhuidheHear pronunciationFort William
Beinn ChaorachHear pronunciationArgyll
Beinn ChuirnHear pronunciationArgyll
Beinn DamhHear pronunciationTorridon
Beinn Dearg (Glen Lyon)Hear pronunciationPerthshire
Beinn Dearg (Torridon)Hear pronunciationTorridon
Beinn Dearg BheagHear pronunciationUllapool
Beinn Dearg MòrHear pronunciationUllapool
Beinn DronaigHear pronunciationTorridon
Beinn EachHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Beinn EnaiglairHear pronunciationUllapool
Beinn IaruinnHear pronunciationFort William
Beinn LairHear pronunciationTorridon
Beinn LeoìdHear pronunciationSutherland
Beinn Liath Mhòr a' Ghiubhais LiHear pronunciationUllapool
Beinn LoinneHear pronunciationKintail
Beinn LuibheanHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Beinn Maol ChaluimHear pronunciationFort William
Beinn MheadhonachHear pronunciationPerthshire
Beinn Mhic CedidhHear pronunciationFort William
Beinn Mhic ChasgaigHear pronunciationFort William
Beinn Mhic-MhonaidhHear pronunciationArgyll
Beinn MholachHear pronunciationPerthshire
Beinn na CaillichHear pronunciationFort William
Beinn na h-EaglaiseHear pronunciationKintail
Beinn na h-UamhaHear pronunciationFort William
Beinn nam FuaranHear pronunciationArgyll
Beinn nan CaorachHear pronunciationKintail
Beinn nan ImireanHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Beinn nan OighreagHear pronunciationPerthshire
Beinn OdharHear pronunciationArgyll
Beinn Odhar BheagHear pronunciationFort William
Beinn PharlagainHear pronunciationPerthshire
Beinn ResipolHear pronunciationFort William
Beinn SpionnaidhHear pronunciationSutherland
Beinn StacathHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Beinn TarsuinnHear pronunciationIsle of Arran
Beinn TharsuinnHear pronunciationTorridon
Beinn TrilleachanHear pronunciationFort William
Beinn UdlaidhHear pronunciationArgyll
Ben AdenHear pronunciationFort William
Ben DonichHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Ben GulabinHear pronunciationPerthshire
Ben HeeHear pronunciationSutherland
Ben LediHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Ben LoyalHear pronunciationSutherland
Ben RinnesHear pronunciationMoray
Ben TeeHear pronunciationFort William
Ben TirranHear pronunciationAngus
Ben VrackieHear pronunciationPerthshire
Ben VuirichHear pronunciationPerthshire
BenvaneHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Bidein a' ChabairHear pronunciationFort William
Binnein an Fhìdhleir (or Stob Coire Creagach)Hear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Braigh nan UamhachanHear pronunciationFort William
BreabagHear pronunciationUllapool
Broad LawHear pronunciationBorders
Brown Cow HillHear pronunciationCairngorms
Buidhe BheinnHear pronunciationFort William
Cairnsmore of CarsphairnHear pronunciationDumfries and Galloway
Caisteal AbhailHear pronunciationIsle of Arran
Cam Chreag (Auch)Hear pronunciationArgyll
Cam Chreag (Glen Lyon)Hear pronunciationPerthshire
CanispHear pronunciationUllapool
Càrn a' Choire GhairbhHear pronunciationLoch Ness
Càrn a' ChuilinnHear pronunciationLoch Ness
Càrn an FhreiceadainHear pronunciationCairngorms
Càrn Bàn Hear pronunciationUllapool
Càrn ChuinneagHear pronunciationSutherland
Càrn Dearg (North of Gleann Eachach)Hear pronunciationFort William
Càrn Dearg (South of Gleann Eachach)Hear pronunciationFort William
Càrn Dearg - Glen RoyHear pronunciationFort William
Càrn Dearg MòrHear pronunciationCairngorms
Càrn EalasaidHear pronunciationCairngorms
Càrn Mòr (Glen Dessarry)Hear pronunciationFort William
Càrn Mòr (Ladder Hills)Hear pronunciationCairngorms
Càrn na DrochaideHear pronunciationCairngorms
Càrn na NathrachHear pronunciationFort William
Càrn na SaobhaidheHear pronunciationLoch Ness
Cìr MhòrHear pronunciationIsle of Arran
ClishamHear pronunciationOuter Hebrides
Cnoc CoinnichHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
ConachcraigHear pronunciationCairngorms
Corryhabbie HillHear pronunciationMoray
CorserineHear pronunciationDumfries and Galloway
CranstackieHear pronunciationSutherland
Creach Bheinn (Loch Creran)Hear pronunciationArgyll
Creach Bheinn (Morvern)Hear pronunciationFort William
Creag an Dail BheagHear pronunciationCairngorms
Creag Mac RanaichHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Creag MhòrHear pronunciationCairngorms
Creag nan GabharHear pronunciationCairngorms
Creag RainichHear pronunciationUllapool
Creag UchdagHear pronunciationPerthshire
Creagan na BeinneHear pronunciationPerthshire
Cruach InnseHear pronunciationFort William
Cùl BeagHear pronunciationUllapool
Cùl MòrHear pronunciationUllapool
CulardochHear pronunciationCairngorms
Druim TarsuinnHear pronunciationFort William
Dùn da GhaoitheHear pronunciationIsle of Mull
FaochaigHear pronunciationKintail
Farragon HillHear pronunciationPerthshire
FoinavenHear pronunciationSutherland
Fraoch BheinnHear pronunciationFort William
FraochaidhHear pronunciationFort William
Fuar BheinnHear pronunciationFort William
Fuar ThollHear pronunciationTorridon
GairbeinnHear pronunciationCairngorms
Garbh Bheinn (Ardgour)Hear pronunciationFort William
Garbh Bheinn (Loch Leven)Hear pronunciationFort William
Garbh-bheinn (Skye)Hear pronunciationSkye
Geal Charn (Arkaig)Hear pronunciationFort William
Geal Charn (Dorback)Hear pronunciationCairngorms
Geal-charn MòrHear pronunciationCairngorms
GlamaigHear pronunciationSkye
Glas Bheinn (Assynt)Hear pronunciationUllapool
Glas Bheinn (Kinlochleven)Hear pronunciationFort William
Goat FellHear pronunciationIsle of Arran
Hart FellHear pronunciationDumfries and Galloway
Leathad an TaobhainHear pronunciationCairngorms
Leum UilleimHear pronunciationFort William
Little WyvisHear pronunciationLoch Ness
Mam na GualainnHear pronunciationFort William
Maol Creag an Loch (A' Chaoirnich)Hear pronunciationCairngorms
Meall a' BhuachailleHear pronunciationCairngorms
Meall a' GhiubhaisHear pronunciationTorridon
Meall a' PhùbuillHear pronunciationFort William
Meall an FhudairHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Meall an t-SeallaidhHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Meall BuidheHear pronunciationPerthshire
Meall DubhHear pronunciationFort William
Meall HornHear pronunciationSutherland
Meall LighicheHear pronunciationFort William
Meall na FearnaHear pronunciationPerthshire
Meall na h-AisreHear pronunciationCairngorms
Meall na h-EildeHear pronunciationFort William
Meall na LeitreachHear pronunciationPerthshire
Meall nam MaigheachHear pronunciationPerthshire
Meall nan SubhHear pronunciationPerthshire
Meall TairneachanHear pronunciationPerthshire
Meallach MhòrHear pronunciationCairngorms
Meallan Liath Coire Mhic DhughaillHear pronunciationSutherland
Meallan nan UanHear pronunciationLoch Ness
MerrickHear pronunciationDumfries and Galloway
MonamenachHear pronunciationAngus
MorroneHear pronunciationCairngorms
MorvenHear pronunciationCairngorms
Mount BattockHear pronunciationAngus
Quinag - Sàil GharbhHear pronunciationUllapool
Quinag - Sàil GhormHear pronunciationUllapool
Quinag - Spidean CoinichHear pronunciationUllapool
Rois-BheinnHear pronunciationFort William
Ruadh-stac BeagHear pronunciationTorridon
Sail MhòrHear pronunciationUllapool
Sgòr MòrHear pronunciationCairngorms
Sgòrr Craobh a' ChaorainnHear pronunciationFort William
Sgòrr na DiollaidHear pronunciationLoch Ness
Sgòrr nan Lochan UaineHear pronunciationTorridon
Sguman CoinntichHear pronunciationKintail
Sgùrr a' ChaorachainHear pronunciationTorridon
Sgùrr a' Choire-bheitheHear pronunciationFort William
Sgùrr a' MhuilinnHear pronunciationLoch Ness
Sgùrr an AirgidHear pronunciationKintail
Sgùrr an FhuarainHear pronunciationFort William
Sgùrr an UthaHear pronunciationFort William
Sgùrr Coire ChoinnicheanHear pronunciationFort William
Sgùrr Cos na Breachd-laoidhHear pronunciationFort William
Sgùrr DhomhnuillHear pronunciationFort William
Sgùrr DubhHear pronunciationTorridon
Sgùrr GaorsaicHear pronunciationKintail
Sgùrr GhiubhsachainHear pronunciationFort William
Sgùrr InnseHear pronunciationFort William
Sgùrr Mhic BharraichHear pronunciationKintail
Sgùrr MhurlagainHear pronunciationFort William
Sgùrr na Ba GlaiseHear pronunciationFort William
Sgùrr na FeartaigHear pronunciationTorridon
Sgùrr nan CeannaicheanHear pronunciationTorridon
Sgùrr nan EugalltHear pronunciationFort William
Shalloch on MinnochHear pronunciationDumfries and Galloway
Sron a' Choire ChnapanichHear pronunciationPerthshire
Stob a' ChoinHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
Stob an Aonaich MhòirHear pronunciationPerthshire
Stob Coire a' ChearcaillHear pronunciationFort William
Stob DubhHear pronunciationFort William
StreapHear pronunciationFort William
The BrackHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
The CobblerHear pronunciationLoch Lomond
The FaraHear pronunciationCairngorms
The Sow of AthollHear pronunciationPerthshire
White CoombHear pronunciationDumfries and Galloway